I did it!


I raised my prices after not giving myself a raise in like 15 years. I felt guilty but I won’t dwell on it. I have bills to pay including taxes. I am forcing myself to be okay away with it. Today is the second day. And you know what I feel good. I can now reach my goals faster. If you want change you have to make that change. No one is going to rescue you,  if they do its only temporarily. You still have to live with yourself. You still have to face the same dilema. Why be miserable when you know your worth? People will respect you more when you charge what you deserve. I waited all these years to take control over my business. It’s never to late..we make it late.

I felt guilty raising my prices because I work in a raggedy hair salon. Its old fashion..unkept, and it smells like incense and chinese food. I could move to another location but I may not get the benefit of having a normal salon owner who isn’t moody and treats my clients well. My clientel is so DIVERSED. Its hard for me to find a salon that isn’t racist or snobby. I know because I’ve experienced it. I find that the safest place for me to work is with the Chinese folks. The owner of the salon  is kind to ALL my clients. I’m very protective of my clientel. They have to feel welcomed wherever I work…

I conquered a goal which was raising my prices this year..now I have to conquer my cooking goals! My goal is to cook on my days off even when I’m exhausted.

Watching Nancy Grace on TV. She annoys me. I better go wash the dishes now..I made a mess making the baked mac and cheese..earlier tonight.

Take care bloggers. Keep your chin up!


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