I did this two days ago. Nice sweet gal..Oops I am missing the R in the word bad.. Yikes!!

After much consideration I am raising my prices after charging the same prices for the past $15 years. The welfare department is closing down.
I am not nagging about the girl in the picture. I speak in general. Gone are the days where you tell me a sad story about how broke you are..and you want a discount. I don’t get a discount when I have to pay taxes, products,  pay for hair classes, and gas. Who’s fault is that? Mine. Codependent days are over. Talk to the hand. These hairstylist are making a killing charging $200 for hair color and up. Ummm what have I been thinking, no! I haven’t been thinking. Now don’t freak out..I am not charging $200 just venting…but I will be raising my prices starting as of Monday…

I gotta get my fruits and vegetables now for my juicing and stay up all nite figuring out a prices list…I will be googling and comparing prices with my competitors. I noticed people are willing to pay high prices for hair services for the bragging rights. Well you will be bragging alright… (Exhales) I am angry at myself tonight.

Well gotta go. See you guys later.. (Waves)👋


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