Kitchen beautician


I cut my nephew’s hair last nite. I don’t like to do hair on my days off but my nephew and Fredo where looking like hobos with sloppy hair. I know the sloppy look seems to be the style lately but its not my thing. I don’t like to see people with holes in their shoes, unkept nails, what a mess!

Fredo has issues at home. The kid is homeless.. My mom and I have been letting him stay with us. It’s hard to let a teen run the streets in this freezing weather. I figured let me cut his hair so maybe he can get a job or something. Times like this I wish I had Angelina’s Jolie’s money so I can rescue all those in need. For now all I can do is practice my cooking skills on Fredo and my nephew.. Hope and pray that he gets a profound desire to go out there and face  the world and get a job.. But who is going to hire someone who doesnt have experience. The struggle is real. Sad indeed.

Tonight I can’t sleep, woke up feeling excited. It’s 1:42 am. Funny how back in the day I could not sleep from anxiety and depression but now I can’t sleep because I’m so happy. A little change in attitude goes a long way. I feel elated with gratitude when I  count my blessings, and  I look at how far I’ve come considering my life has been a action filled drama on the edge of your seat novel. I haven’t gotten too deep into stuff like I would like too. I hold back a lot out of fear that someone is going to get hurt and offended. You know how that goes.

Well I’m going to read my Bible now and hope I fall back asleep. I have a super long day tomorrow.. Will post more pictures of my work later..G’nite my WordPress followers..muah!



  1. amalialoves · January 2, 2015

    This is a truly touching post and good on your for helping the kid in anyway you can. It all makes a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

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