I ditched work yesterday to rest and kick off what was left of the flu. I must say I feel so much better. I tried to avoid my cell but that is nearly impossible. I got a few texts and calls. Its okay. I’m thankful that I’m still getting texts and calls. Be careful what you asks for. I remember saying: “Oh I wish my clientel will build up again like it use to be…well now it did. Things don’t magically happen even if you wish, dream or scream for it..(social media rebuild my clientel again) You have have to put work into EVERYTHING you want in life. I spent the whole day organizing paper work…I ended up throwing 3 bags of paper trash. Organization prevents unecessary stress. I went from living in a nice apartment I had for 9 years to  being in a small room at my mom’s. That is what happens when you feel sorry for people and you keep giving discounts. It took me from sitting on top of the world to sitting on the of the curb for me to take care of myself. I didn’t save when I should have I thought I was always going to be a big baller. In 2009 the economy crashed. I lost many clients. Many lost their jobs, homes and moved out of state. They would come crying, upset, stressed out, lots of hair shed from the stress etc. You think I had the heart to raise my prices? NO I didn’t. I never did, I felt sorry for folks.. But then I would see them take luxurious vacations, have elaborate weddings, Gucci bags and all. My codependent ways snow balled into me being on a bus living in the hood with my mom. My mother always lived in nice good neighborhoods but she ended up here when in one of her schizophrenic episodes, she got evicted because she caused commotion at her old place. She said God told her she was going to move and so she threw ALL her furniture outside and neighbors looted EVERYTHING. ..that’s a whole other story. I’m over the self pity ..I share my stories once again so that you know that your not alone. What doesn’t kill me refines me. I hope to own my own lil hair studio one day and move out of here within the next couple of years. And so I’m organizing my life and making steps towards that direction. I have other dreams and plans but will keep that hush hush ..somethings I gotta keep to myself 🙅😹

Well its time for me to get up. I have
a full busy day at work. Back to the grind. I will share hair photos later..

Have a nice day..(waves)




It makes no difference to me if its friday  or not because I’m a slave to Saturdays. I have to work every Saturday I’ve been doing it for like 27 years. I took the day off work so I can kick off this flu and give my body a rest. I will return some calls I have to make them shut off my cell and give myself a break from social media for a few hours..I want to catch up on my Bible reading and organize paper work. I want to be like those super organized folks..but want to be cautious not to become a clean freak either, you know those nutty type folks who make you feel so dirty. One time I went to visit a friend of mine and she ignored me. She spent 3 or 4 hours cleaning her kitchen…while she left me sitting in the living room alone like I was on timeout. If I bring it up she says that I am exaggerating. Ummmm NO! Never again. If I want to sleep alone in a living room I will gladly do it in my home. She is the same person who ran her hands through my head in front of people to see if I had extensions on. I did not punch her because we were at a assembly. Don’t ask me why I am a magnet for nutty folks. I’m glad she’s found other friends she can discuss bleach and cleaning prouducts with. I get anxious doing her hair because I know how where I work is not all sterile looking like her home. I don’t mind OCD folks but don’t look down on me because I’m not…anyhoo that rant felt good…don’t ask me how I ended there😂😆😅😄

Anyhoo its time for me to clean, organize and have  my own space and life for a few hours without my cell blowing up all day, I need a break from hair today…thank you WordPress for letting me vent about stuff..I can’t always call my friends. After all they have lives too🙆😹

Salon talk


This is yesterday’s work…ombre color..the new trend..but more than that I wanted to share a conversation I had with another client today. I got a good belly laugh but of course it may not sound funny and all when I repeat it.

Client: They can no longer throw rice at weddings because when the birds   drink water the rice expands and they die.

Me: Oh! Wow! Well can they eat cooked rice?

Client: Well no you can’t throw cooked rice at the bride.

I busted out laughing…I love my job❤

Yesterday’s work


I did this yesterday on my friend Dianna..we’ve known each other since highschool. I did a color retouch 7np Paul Mitchell on the roots then used the Sandy Beach toner PM shines on her ends. Here is an example how hair color looks so different in different lighting. Whenever she comes in she feeds me. She wants to make sure I eat. She knows I snack on junk food in between clients. I wish I had the time to plan my meals and all the other good stuff..but I don’t.. My life consists of catching by breath..time flys even when your not having fun. Today I juiced some cucumbers, oranges, blueberries and apples…boy that felt good..its so fresh and satisfying!! It brings me back to life!! Hopefully one day I can start blogging about food. I’m ditching work tomorrow to rest and organize papers. What I really want to do is hibernate like one of them Alaskan bears😅

Short hair styles


This is Karen, last year she had shoulder length red hair. One day she asked me: “Evy I want it short and blond..I was like: “Okay!! I never once hestitated to do it because she doesn’t question me..she knows that I’m going to give her what she wants in due time. She knows that I cannot get her to a perfect blond over night, she knows that it will take sessions. How does she know? She just does. She makes my life that much easier. She doesn’t snap or acts weird. She has full trust that I will perform. Well I did, but it did not happen over night. I don’t like to strip hair color and so I just gradually started to use a lighter base color every time she came in along with highlights. Since she wanted her hair short..I did not have to wait a long time to grow out the brassy stage. She’s been having her hair like this for about 9 months. It was actually cut in an angled bob. She had me cut it shorter today. She has now decided to slowly grow her hair out. That is the fun part!! I get to try different cuts and styles in the meantime while she goes through the awkward growing stage. The next time she comes in I’m going to give her a hair glosser or a toner..I want to get her blond to a nice sandy beach shade or a violet pearl…hummm..choices choices choices…can’t wait for her hair appt next month… I will definitely keep you posted and share her hair transformations okay:D

New client


I got a new very nice client from Pinterest. She was so nice it felt strange. She did not have a weird personality, she was relaxed and let me do my thing. She was coloring her hair at home with a box color and it made her hair black but very uneven.. The back of her hair was a light brown you really cant tell because of course the horrible lighting did not allow me to capture the real look.  I did her base color with a 5n by Framesi while she was processing I did a balayge highlights. My goal is to make her into a soft brown blond. Its going to take me at least 4 sessions to get it there. Her hair came out a soft light brown but in the sun it looks red. Please don’t ask me how to take hair pictures. I don’t know anything about photography. I never get what I want on my cell. Its always a sad situation. She made her next hair appointment for next month. This time she is coming later in the afternoon maybe the hair pictures will come out better!! And oh I gave her a deep conditioner by Joico.

Everyone showed up on time and left very happy. I gotta say today was a good day👌💝



Getting a text from you makes me smile it makes me forget my flu. I haven’t been this happy in ages… I want to to tell the world how happy I feel but I don’t. Only a handful of people know about you. I’m a open book but when it comes to matters of the heart less is more. I dont to share my secret world  with my client, or friends like I use too until something actually pops off between us…

Hold on my mom’s cat Juliet won’t let me type..shes walking a purring all over me..caressing my cell phone and scratching my chest as she finds a comfortable stop lay on…..oh there! She’s on my thighs..anyhoo what was I saying..oh…yes texting you makes me smile, wake up early, gives me hope to give love a chance. Funny how you came into my life when I wasn’t looking.. My goal was to write my book *Tales of the chair* become a fitness model, chef all know the rest..I have BIG dreams…hehe..I’m impulsive I want to text you whenever you come across my mind but I can’t. I’ve trained myself to hold back and save some for later so our love could be greater. I’ve learned not to be so available, to flirt a little then pull back to hold 75%  of my emotions because the nicer you are the more folks get scared away. Juliet the cat doesn’t want me texting she’s sticking her paws on my face walking on top of me like I’m a wall. I think she misses my mom. Hopefully my mom comes home fromthe hospital today. They still don’t know where she is bleeding from. I say its all that medication she’s taken for her brain. There has to be a way to curb mental issues without the horrendous side effects. One of her medications she took for her schizophrenia has caused her to shake like she has parkinson desease. The doctor took her off that medication but the nerve damage is done. She her hands shake uncontrollably. I must say I’d rather have her shaking hands than her walking the streets a nite in the hood giving her money away.

Back to my texting..oh yes..texting you makes me forget my trials receiving a text from you makes me blush. Thanks to WordPress I can kill time here and not focus on you so much.. This time I’m not going to blow it. Its an unfortunate fact that I can’t be my old self and tell you how much I want to be with you. I have to play my cards right and be a little aloof and mysterious  to keep this going.  I must say its much funner that way. The suspense is awesome! Can’t wait to get rid of this darn flu so I can hit the gym again ..I have to get ready..I’m doing two new social media clients today. Business is bombing.. I just wish I had the money to show for it. If it’s not one bill its a other…its like I’m working to stay alive. This life is all about money money money….but when I get a text from you its all about us being alone in our own solar system..(blushing)

Thank you followers


Thank you followers and lurkers. You have made my week. I appreciate your support… Xoxo…I want to take the time one day and scroll through my followers’ blogs and make comments on their walls.  I want to pay it forward and not just act like a bump on a wall..its not all about me. If you want a certain kind of treatment then you have to do the same for others. Thank you WordPress for challenging me to blog  and work on myself inward and out…muah!!!



I did not realize what a horrible writer I was until I joined WordPress. I read peoples’ blogs and I’m blown away. Its like I’m reading a movie sript or I’m caught up in the moment when I read. Such talent out there. I wish you all the best. I notice some people do like what I say even though they don’t know how to respond to me.. They don’t know if I’m coming or going. I can be complexed very spontaneous there is no theme to my writing. I just blog what I’m feeling at the momment. I wish I had time to take some kind of writing class for something. But you see I’m all over the place. My cell has a hold on me…between texting and calling clients back, marketing my hair pictures on social media, trying to work out, wanting to become a chef, fitness model, makeup artist, race car driver music DJ, artist and such I don’t have time to even sleep sometimes. Why now that I’m in my late 40s I want to do so much. I’ve always had the passion but it was directed towards chasing love. Wanting to be loved by a man, a Prince someone to come rescue me. Rescue me from what??!! Now that I love myself and feel good chasing my dreams with or with out a man..I feel like time is running out. I feel like I have to try and fulfill all my dreams fast!! I’m not 20 or 30..I get tired now. The only thing I can do at a normal pace is blog on here. I don’t even have time to fry an egg. I’m trying to train myself to become an early person. ..morning folks get more done than night owls at least that is what I think…anyhoo.. I’m getting sleepy and so I’m getting delirious.I thank all of you who read my blog…you make me sleep better at nite knowing that someone is actually listening to me….muah!