Do it yourself


This was my Sunday look. I even curled my hair. I learned how to properly apply the false eyelashes I got at the $1.50 store named Daiso. ..its a Japanese store that sells the cutest things. I dont smile much in pictures anymore since I’m wearing braces..I’m over them..the orthodontist said..I may not have to wear them for the whole year and a half like they first said..yay! I’m starting to miss my teeth. I feel like a school girl, I guess thats good since I will be 47 next month. I don’t understand where the time went. Inside I still feel 26 except I can no longer do cartwheels. The last time I did a cartwheel was 4 years ago. For now..I will keep playing with makeup and make myself look as young as possible without looking.. ridiculous ..hehe


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