Bummed out


I was supposed to meet celebrity hairdresser Nick Chavez today..I took the day off work to go meet him. He knew I was coming..but his schedule is so busy he had to fly out to Canada to QVC…he sales his products on TV. He is so nice. He is worth another try. We’ve been trying to meet for  almost a year but we are both so busy…our schedules collied. I’ve had other minor disappointments occur this weekend but not worth writing about. Its best to kick rocks and keep on steppin.

I did this transformation on Saturday. I did pretty good considering my glasses were broken and I could not see. When I bought my glasses I did not have health insurance at the time and I had to spend $500 out of pocket money.. The rest of my money goes to buying cell phone chargers.. They break so easily..T-Mobile is making is making a killing with me….I will take care of my glasses like a cat does her babies. I need to save for my own pad again and make up…I seriously want to get into becoming a full time makeup artist. I’ve been doing hair for so long I want to change it up…or I can do both..who knows. I just want to do add something to my resume….

For now I must go to the gym and release my disappointments ..talk to you followers soon… .keep your chin up..(waves)


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