Power behind words


I learned long ago that words have more power than a smack on the cheek..you can make or break someone in how you speak to them. Sarcasm and condescending remarks are not loving or kind. Support your peers even if they making it higher than you. Life is about pulling each other up. We reap what we sow. One day you might need a lift. You don’t want to be ignore in time of need because you have a reputation of breaking bones with your tongue.

I just received a notification on my Instagram. I discovered this hairdresser’s work and showed her support. Not that many people noticed her flawless amazing up dos at the time. I took it upon myself to promote her on my wall and market her. I knew she was going to be discovered and go big. The time has arrived..she is going places.. In fact she has tons of followers and likes on her pictures.
Am I jealous, no not at all.
Happiness is being happy for others even when your still trying to climb up the latter.  .I’m so happy for her!👏👏


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