Don’t believe the hype


This is a makeover I did on myself..but guess what. I did not do cellphone did. There is this app called MODIFACE in fact there are many other apps. It’s becoming an addiction. I was up all night playing with it. I am honest I say when I do my make-up and when I used an app. The thing is this how many people are telling lies on social media selling their makeup skills using apps? I can easisly post this on my other social media sites and take credit for it. I just can’t find it in my heart to do see once you tell a lie you have to make another to cover the last one you said and it becomes a messy situation. I will try and redo this look on myself with my own makeup…I will keep you posted👍💕👌

Today is is Wednesday. I will take the time to fix myself..I only wear  makeup twice a week so I can let my face breath. I noticed when I do my makeup clients like it. It pumps them up to fix themselves. When you think of it It’s not a choice. I’m in the beauty buisness. I have to represent what I am promoting. Now why did I wait so many years to figure it out. Oh well it’s never too late.

Today I have 2 clients and I’m off work tomorrow..I only have one day left to smell the incents, smelly perms and the suicidal Xmas music, thank goodness the radio station 94.7 is modest with the holidays…they don’t wear you out playing the same Xmas song 26 times in one day..they alternate it with R&B and Jazz..phew!..In the meantime I will blast Mark Anthony’s #La Cops Rota#  in the car on my way to work while I drive like the fast and furious…love that song..its so passionate!!!

Talk you guys later..gotta run off now..agape💓



  1. justbeingmia · December 24, 2014

    I love the lashes Chica!

    Liked by 1 person

    • talesofthechair · December 24, 2014

      Thank for supporting my blog..justbeingmia…I wanna get some lashes!!


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