Underpaid therapist


I’ve heard and seen it all, sometimes I have to hold back from blogging,  I must  change dates, names and locations to protect the innocent…hehe…the work is not draining its dealing with special people. Here’s a story..I tell clients that they are my favorite..and I mean it. Well one day. One of my clients over heard me tell my client on the phone that she was my favorite. I had no idea that my client sitting on my chair was eavesdropping my conversation when I was making an appt. When I got off the phone she told me: I thought I was your favorite. I responded well you are but I have other favorite ones too. She got upset.. Nearly ripped the check when she gave it to me and never saw her again. Her feelings were hurt.

When clients call I no longer take calls unless I know there is no one is around to listen. I now do 90% of my appt via text messages just to play it safe. We are exposed to special people. You have to become a Oscar nominee actress to play different roles with special ones👍💕

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