Crab legs


I put on fake eyelashes on myself yesterday. What  mess. I can put eyelashes on other people but not on myself since I wear eyeglasses. I ended getting glue in my eyes. I could not bat my lashes because it felt like I had crab legs attacking my eyes. I got lots of complements..I could not wait to go go home and rip them out, the glitter in the eyelashes were making my eyes itch. I give celebreties and models my hat off. I can only imagine what goes on begin the scene having to smile while your being attacked by the crabs!! LOL the prize of beauty. I don’t think I will ever use glittered eyelashes on anyone. Not even on myself. The next time I wear them I will make sure to use the regular lashes. No glitter, nothing fancy..just plain ol lashes🙅


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