Music is my escape


Yesterday I had one of the worse days..the day from hades. The things I have to swallow to make a living. Out of every 20 clients you have there is always that one that breaks your body and mind down with their diva self centered neurotic ways. I knew my day was going to start off bad when I saw Miss Paininmymaxusmusgluteals. I thought I was going to be able to handle her considering how draining and annoying she is. Nope!!! It was so bad that after waiting patiently my next client got up and left after having to endure the theatrical show. She felt so bad for me she said: I’m you want a bagel and tea. She needed an excuse to escape the drama. She left.

You see my first client watches me like a hawk touching and feeling her hair whenever I’m doing it. Once I’m done with her hair cuts she makes me redo it at least 3 or 4 more times. She is not happy with herself. She has thick hair and insist on me giving her haircuts that are designed for girls with fine  textured hair. The effect of the stress caused me back pains..I had to sit and go take a walk to release the tension. Nothing helped. I carried the back pain till almost 11pm last night. I went to *Ross* and got a heating pad, put it in the microwave and placed it on my lower back…it helped. I found a Marc Anthony CD another client had giving me and have been blasting the song *Vivid Mi Vida* over and over again. I will do so until I get sick of it. The words are so positive and up building that it’s helping me shake off the lingering tension. I asked my other two coworkers if I could pass my client on to them and they both said: No! None wants to deal with her.

I am waiting till after the holidays to give-

-Miss Paininthemaximusgluteals a  kiss good bye. Some people have real issues that a hairstylist cannot help you with. We are beauticians not magicians. If you have been going to the same person for years and your not happy..please find someone else who suits you or find a good therapist. I know a good therapist. I will gladly give you her number. I need to earn a living but I don’t need to get sick over it either.

Sing along now! Voy a reir voy a bailar vivir mi Vida..lalalala..(wuepa)👏😂



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