Fall hair color


This is my friend from highschool, she’s been with me through thick and thin. I’ve done every possible thing to her from relaxers, to pressing her hair with pressing combs and marcel irons. You see before electrical flat irons came into place we had to iron the hair the same way…black girls do theirs. Nothing offensive. I have black girls hair so I know what’s up. I’ve been getting relaxers since I was a kiddie. The fact that I was raised in a all black middle class neighborhood it have me an advantage on how to work with thick course, super curly hair. Dianna has real curly big big hair. It takes muscles or a male hair stylists to be able to straighten her hair. I was with her for I believe two and half or three hours coloring and straighting her hair last night. She is a fun bubbly person, beautiful personality. When I do her hair we vent and then just laugh and laugh about our lot in life.

Last night I used Paul Mitchell’s 8np color. I applied it on the roots then combed it through and mixed PM Shines 9ash toner on the ends to make her hair shine. As we get older our hair ages as well. It gets dryer, dull, and brittle. Its important to take hair vitamins and use good products to keep your hair looking youthful. The best vitamins to make the hair grow pronto are Biotin and horsetail silica. You will not see any miracles if you take them for a week. You have to take at least take them every single day for 3 months. It takes that long for it to soak into your system. After the 3 months you will start to see big growth spurts. I recommend taking them for a year or forever for that matter. Of course ask your doctor If its okay for you to take them and do your research. I don’t want nobody coming up to me yelling accusing me of giving them bad advice. You know how that goes😰

I darken clients’ haircolors in the fall and winter. I have a systematic routine with my clientel. Lighter and shorter in the spring and summer and darker and longer in the winter. This way non gets bored and you give your hair a break from the bleach. Well I gotta get ready for the day. . I will post more later on👍💕


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