Back down memory lane


This picture is at least ten years old. I use to braid my own hair. Remember one of my stories “The Boiling Pot” well this is me taking changes boiling the ends of the synthetic hair with boiling water and oil. To get the curly crimped perm look on the ends you have to dip the braided ends in the boiling pot…let it cool off then undo the braided ends…Ta da!!

Braiding  was a form of meditation for would take me about a week to braid my own hair. I would would braid for a couple of hours a day. Its like your knitting. I loved sitting alone on floor very quiet and just braid. I could get into some sort of relaxed trance and just braid and braid and braid somemore. That was the first time I ever had I hair blond. I was influenced by Beyonce. Remenber how cute she was was when she first came out on *Destiny’s Child.*

Its 7:02 am..I wish I could stay in bed but I have along day at work today. I have a MIGRAINE since yesterday. I got excited and had a glass of wine yesterday after my crush asked me for my number…(blushing) ..I haven’t drank in a long time and so now I’m here feeling the consequences…ugh…I’m happy very happy. But with my dating history I know to control myself and not run the horse. Learning to be confident and taking the time to doll myself up is paying off. You do get noticed and your crush smiles a lot more..hehe. It is the cutest thing…we are like highschool kids. It’s all I will say for now unless something spectacular happens. I will keep you posted. I will now get ready for work and beautify the city one client at at time💕💕💕..bye..(waves)


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