Loyal fan


Celina is a loyal fan. I’ve posted her picture before when I first joined WordPress..she encouraged me to take night classes so that I could enhance my writing skills and become a better blogger. That sounds fantastic and dandy. I wish I had time to go back to school so I can become a better blogger. I don’t even have time to eat on some days. For now I am content with the time I do have for myself and sleep💞👌

I did her hair extensions in October. They look pretty good still except for the tightening maintenance from time to time. Sew on hair is so much better quality than the Clip ons. The Remy clip on hair is terrible, it gets all nappy and crazy looking after two weeks. It’s so overrated. They of course have a beautiful page with these beautiful looking models promoting the clip ons. In life I learn you can sale anything.. Its all about the visual appearance. Its all about the hair I say. All about the hair.

I read an article years ago that said your hair is 80% your image. I have to agree. Hair can make you look old and tired or you or it can resurrect you…ha!😆✋

Well I’m off work, time to pay my rent  for my chair, drive home to some good bumping music and just chill…(rest time)…. Yay!💞😆


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