Do blonds have more fun, I don’t know. Some of my best memories was when I had my hair black. I’m trying this blond look for a while. Its been like 3 months. Nothing spectacular has happened yet, but I must say I feel jovial. I walk around happy go lucky. Could it be because I lost 10 pounds. ( thank you braces) sometimes the only way to loose weight is wiring your mouth..LOL…I got braces because I have a teeth fetish. I like my teeth straight and white. They weren’t bad before, but I noticed a lil’ over bite that was getting too noticable for me. Blond hair,  braces..sounds like I’m screaming mid life crisis. Whatever it is. This is the best I’ve felt in a looooong time. I have a feeling its only going to get better…

Loving yourself is the greatest love of all. Most of all respecting yourself. Be kind to others, give more than you expect and forgive freely. You will see how your ducks will start to  line up in a row💞👌


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