Snobby little city


And so here I was posting a hair picture of my client on my Instagram and I hashtagged it in this beach city that is known for being snobby. They have a bad reputation for their lil’ cult mentality. I have clients that come from there. Well you won’t believe what just happened. Someone from there asked me what did my hair picture have to do with their city. Now you see I was going to apply the 70% control myself rule but decided to speak up instead. I feel a lil’ irritated but won’t loose sleep over it. Why would you ask me that question on my client’s picture? Seriously?! Really?! You think that much of your city that you don’t want outsiders to hashtag pictured on it. Wow.

You see I gave them the benefit of the doupt because I personaly never encountered their narrow minded mentaly. Now I see what everyone else has been telling me all along. This is what I have to deal with when I’m trying to network and market my hair business in social media They say pick your battles. True. But sometimes you have to check people and humble them 5ft under. We can’t walk around in a bubble thinking that the world revolves around our expensive neighborhood. At the end of the day its not where you live or how much money you make. What matters is how you treat others. ..nuff said.

Ps) The screenshot was in response to the rude question that was posted on one of my hair pictures.

Thanks WordPress for letting me vent.


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