I got my nails done today by Jimmy at Torrance T nails. Yelp him he’s the best!!

I am making more of an effort to take the time to get my nails done, work out etc. My hands take a toll since I dont like wearing gloves.You have to love your self to be respected. Jimmy and I have the best conversations. I’ve been
going to him for 18 years. He does not carry conversations in Vietnamese with his employees..and if he does  say something it’s quick and short. You don’t feel awkward sitting there being ignored while they talk in their language. One of the things he taught me was that when clients yell or act  rude with him..he uses self control and doesn’t retaliate. Unlike me..I want to accidentally burn their ear with the curling iron. I asked him please tell me your secrets how do you not loose your cool when your being disssed. His response: “I control 70% of my emotions. I don’t give people that much power over me. He said it so calm and cool. I must say that is one of the best advice I got from my nail guy. I noticed my stress levels have gone down. When folks want to act condescending with me I’m like: “Que Sera Sera😂😆


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