It’s been two days


It’s been two days since I blogged in here. I’ve been busy with life what not. I also want to make sure I don’t bore you. I want to blog when I have something to say. Well its 5:54 am..I’m blogging not because I have anything spectacular story to blog about today but because I wanted to drop in and say hello to my followers. Hello:)

I did this braid like 3 months ago I also I did the hair color…my client comes in once a week for a shampoo blowdry and style. On that day we I decided to not do the normal straight look braids instead. I didnt have a vision of what I wanted I just started braiding. From experience when I think too hard about what  I want I get a brain freeze. She loved her hair. She didn’t have to worry about it getting frissy since it was braided. I did a few more styles until someone asked her if she was black because her hair was braided. Everything was fine until that question was asked. One of the last appts she came in and told me what how she got stares because of the braid style. She is self employed runs a business and I guess the braid look was not cutting it for her clients.

Why does society place so much attention and drama on where we came from the texture of our hair, how light or dark we are. Seriously. Why. Is it the stereotype, the fear of the unknown? Whatever it is I want no part of it. I want to be able to do hair in peace and not have to worry that my client can no longer sport a hairdo because people can’t handle her trying new styles. Like BRAIDS.

I will continue to braid and try new styles on my other clients…life without boring. I won’t do braid styles on her for a while. But it won’t stop us from having our weekly heart hearty laughs when she comes in for her next hair appt💕💕💕


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