Ombre hair color


Ami was my first client today. I gave her a ombre. We were having a great time.. laughing talking and catching up…then we got interrupted before our time by someone who has intense energy and changed the mood ..I will leave it at that… Sigh..I took a few pictures outside but was feeling rushed…and so I asked Ami to please take selfies and send them to me for me to post…Ta Da!!

You gotta keep moving ahead no matter what kind of energy is thrown at you..I was back to back with clients..I had a short break enough to eat a burrito in a min…thank goodness my sister made my day by bringing me food  or I would of been doing hair color all day feeling nauseated. I get nauseated when I smell color fumes  and I’m hungry. I wear a mask but then for some reason my glasses get foggy and I can’t see…it’s a struggle trying to wear a mask and glasses at the same time..I end up covering my whole nose then I feel like I can’t breath. The struggle us real😅

It was a interesting day  seeing another person eat their words. I want to get into deep details about that story but don’t want to ruin Ami’s beautiful picture with a rant. I’m going to have vent in my own private journal tonight for that story.. Sorry guys.

Anyhoo back to hair, I bleached and toned her hair with a  10ash toner, 5 volume peroxide for like 5 minutes. I used saran wrap during the process. I’m going to have to take a picture and show you guys how I do it. I recommend weekly deep conditioners and hair trims every few months and a toner if the hair starts to get brassy. It’s 12:58 pm I should be in bed but it takes me a few hours to wine down and figure out what to eat. I guess I won’t be going to the gym this week let’s try for next.

I bought two new combs.. Love em! Good equipment makes a hugh difference in how fast and comfortable   you work. I need new scissors, a chair, and a one of those roll stands to stuff my things in it. I’m so brain dead right now I can’t think of the name. When I figure it out I will tell you okay..for now its bath and meditation time.

Today was a good day..Ooh Ahh….G’nite..(waves)


Red hair


She is the nicest of the nicest. There is not a malicious bone in her..she’s been with me for about 8 years or so. I used Paul Mitchell hair colors on her but she’s developed an allergic reaction.. Her scalp itches and scabs up. Its horrible. I will be coming in on my day off for her next Sunday because I’m too busy this week. I have to remember to get her a different hair color brand.

Trying to juggle  work, spiritual life, and goals is exciting yet scary. I don’t have the tender years like I use too. I look at one of my coworkers who is in her 80’s and I remind myself.. I still have a few years left. She’s falling apart but she still has a clientel who is willing to put up with her moods. Time makes you more responsible and appreciate every little thing. For example taking a hot shower or long bath. I’m even thankful that when I find few minutes to be able to pray. Clients come and go..some die on you. You don’t know what tomorrow brings. Life has taught me what I do and say today is my future… So here it is 6:39 am blogging..early enough to thank God before my day starts. My goal today is to not bring up the past. Even if it fits well in a good conversation. I will try to consciously use my words wisely in a positive way. To encourage and upbuild others and myself. I have a busy busy day today.. I hope I have enough time to take pictures if my awsome clients!

Alrighty my followers thanks for listening. Hope you have a nice day as well, talk to you later. Agape💖👌

Made up style


I made this hairstyle up when I first started posting on social media to promote my hair work. She is one of my hair models I just had her come in one day and I starting making hair styles as I went along. I didn’t have a vision I just did it.

I want to blog more but I’m getting sleepy.. Talk you later..ZzzzzzzZzzzzzz

Do it yourself


This was my Sunday look. I even curled my hair. I learned how to properly apply the false eyelashes I got at the $1.50 store named Daiso. ..its a Japanese store that sells the cutest things. I dont smile much in pictures anymore since I’m wearing braces..I’m over them..the orthodontist said..I may not have to wear them for the whole year and a half like they first said..yay! I’m starting to miss my teeth. I feel like a school girl, I guess thats good since I will be 47 next month. I don’t understand where the time went. Inside I still feel 26 except I can no longer do cartwheels. The last time I did a cartwheel was 4 years ago. For now..I will keep playing with makeup and make myself look as young as possible without looking.. ridiculous ..hehe

Bummed out


I was supposed to meet celebrity hairdresser Nick Chavez today..I took the day off work to go meet him. He knew I was coming..but his schedule is so busy he had to fly out to Canada to QVC…he sales his products on TV. He is so nice. He is worth another try. We’ve been trying to meet for  almost a year but we are both so busy…our schedules collied. I’ve had other minor disappointments occur this weekend but not worth writing about. Its best to kick rocks and keep on steppin.

I did this transformation on Saturday. I did pretty good considering my glasses were broken and I could not see. When I bought my glasses I did not have health insurance at the time and I had to spend $500 out of pocket money.. The rest of my money goes to buying cell phone chargers.. They break so easily..T-Mobile is making is making a killing with me….I will take care of my glasses like a cat does her babies. I need to save for my own pad again and make up…I seriously want to get into becoming a full time makeup artist. I’ve been doing hair for so long I want to change it up…or I can do both..who knows. I just want to do add something to my resume….

For now I must go to the gym and release my disappointments to you followers soon… .keep your chin up..(waves)

Power behind words


I learned long ago that words have more power than a smack on the can make or break someone in how you speak to them. Sarcasm and condescending remarks are not loving or kind. Support your peers even if they making it higher than you. Life is about pulling each other up. We reap what we sow. One day you might need a lift. You don’t want to be ignore in time of need because you have a reputation of breaking bones with your tongue.

I just received a notification on my Instagram. I discovered this hairdresser’s work and showed her support. Not that many people noticed her flawless amazing up dos at the time. I took it upon myself to promote her on my wall and market her. I knew she was going to be discovered and go big. The time has arrived..she is going places.. In fact she has tons of followers and likes on her pictures.
Am I jealous, no not at all.
Happiness is being happy for others even when your still trying to climb up the latter.  .I’m so happy for her!👏👏

My worth


Some people get self worth by how many coach bags they have, or how big their engagement ring is, or what kind of car they drive. I get my self worth by how much a client loves their hair. I can do ten clients in one day…if nine leave happy but one wasn’t satisfied it ruins my whole week. I’m getting better

I am slowly learning not to think about work when I get home. I’m also learning you cannot please everyone. All I can do is try my best, learn and keep moving forward.

Reached one of my goals


I had always wanted to paint something with oil, water or anything. I’m not professional painter ..I found a color by number kit somewhere at the mall or I ordered it. I painted this last year when I lived temporaly in a house I call *The house of horrors. Too long of a story on how I ended up living there with this mean old lady. For a long time I despised old people I thought they were all fake acting like helpless victims outdoors and turning into Linda Blair in the exorcist behind closed doors. I needed to do something to keep my sanity and so I bought the paint kit. I would paint everyday before and after work. I think it took me 3 months to complete the picture.

Had I not lived in the house of horrors I probably would of kept procrastinating my dream of painting a picture. The painting was so therapeutic. When you are at your lowest do something you’ve always dreamed of doing. It may not change your situation but one day when you look back you will say: “When I was weak I was at my strongest. Whenever I look at the painting it reminds me of how strong I really was. Now if I could just find a frame..I will gladly hang it up.

Midlife crisis


I take it my midlife crisis world has taken a real hold on me. I got braces, bleached my hair and now getting in deep in makeup. So strange considering I’m a jeans and converse type of girl…I wore this make up look yesterday. No apps, no filter, just practicing makeovers on myself.

I have uneven skin tone from microdermabrasion damage..I use to get the treatments  a lot. Maybe its my fault for not always wearing sunscreen after the sessions..a couple of days after having one done I woke up and looked at my for head it look like the Canadian map on my head. I wanted to cry…I resolved not to dwell on it because it would handicap me emotionaly, and so now I am using the Obagi skin bleach. It seems to be helping. I don’t know that I will ever get my skin back like I had it. But its worth a try. Ever since my skin got ruined. I now never leave the house with out suncreen . I have sunscreen all over the place..I have enough for the next two years.

Taking over


The makeup world is taking over me like a bad addiction..I’ve been practicing on myself twice a week. I wore this look yesterday. Like I’ve said before makeup to me is ten times harder than doing hair and much more expensive at that.. I am liking the challenge of mixing colors and blending it in. I’m hoping to have more time in my hands to do more makeovers on my clients.

So many goals and so little time. I’ve noticed a big change in attitude   when I take the time to fix myself. You just never know, one day someone might recognize me from my blog..never know who I will meet..I want to make sure I dont look tore up and you guys get disappointed.. LOL..they say you never get a second chance to make a first might be that day😅👋