The most beautiful girl in the world


I’m a big Sade fan..I’ve seen her in concert twice. Her confidence and class is optimim. I believe she is 56 now..she makes aging look beautiful. She doesn’t lip sing. Her music is not trashy. Just a little hip movement gets the crowds insane. He music has gotten me through some dark times. I can listen to her at work all day. I wish we had a CD player at work so I can play her on this busy Saturday.. But noooo I have to listen to the ho ho ho holiday music for the a whole entire month ..hehe..

Now she is one celebrity who’s hair I want to do. I just want to have her sit on the floor and brush her hair while I’m sitting on a sofa drinking wine. I want to ask her how did she come about writing her songs…I can tell they are personal…I want to know the story behind each song….I want to tell her that her songs were my stories..

I’m a big dreamer💝

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