By the time


By the time you feel confident in your own skin and start putting your goals into motion your so worn out and tired. I do hair, was never really into makeup until I saw the amazing transformations on Instagram. I wish I could of gone into makeup when I had fresh skin, no experience lines, …I have a few things in my bucket list..write my *Tales of the Chair* book, do more make up makeovers on people, race car driver, become a cheff, and a photographer. The pictures you see of my hair work or of me are taken on my cell phone. No professional camaras.

The only thing I want to do on my days off is lay in bed. My mind is wiser and  my body says just chill…LOL…

I took this the other day..looks like a simple picture huh….nope! It took me like 20 minutes to curl my hair, like 45 min on my makeup and forever to  strike the right pose, who has time for alI that ..hehe I feel like a turtle. I will reach half of my goals or my name isn’t Evy… For now it’s sleepy time💪👍💞


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