Love kills slowly


I just found this on Instagram and had to share. Before the whole  *Ed Hardy* trend a few years ago I had gotten a tattoo on my lower back of a heart with a knife going through it. I got the tattoo to remind myself that love kills slowly. Well I’m a hopeless romantic.. You’d think I’d learned my lesson of giving my all again, not!

I was depressed and decided to work out after one of my clients asked me if I was pregnant. cut the story short. I met Steve that same night  at the gym and I told him what my client told me. He was so charasmatic with his green slanted eyes and BIG muscles. He told me “dont  worry about what people say!! The more of you the more to LOVE…I thought to myself “Awe..he’s so sweet… His play boy charm hooked me like crack.. The rest was history. Five years into the relationship we decided to get married. I did not know that the last 2 years of our relationship he was involed with a BIG girl I named Rasputia..(remember the Eddy Murphy movie)..hehe…

Three weeks before our supossedly wedding date I catch him with his side chick. He denied me in front of her and told me that we were never together and that he were never engaged. I went down hill from there. I found out more and more about them, as time went by  I literally thought I was going to die..the pain was excruciating.. I ended up in the hospital with  ulcers from the sadness and bleeding pain.. I never felt pain like that in my life not even when my father died of cancer. You see when you get dumped it’s a choice, when someone you love dies it’s NOT their choice to leave you.

As time went bye I put two and two together…all those free haircuts I gave him were prepping him for his hot dates with Rasputia It all made sense why he was so picky and moody with me when I  cutting his hair. He was always rushing me and making sure I left him looking good for her..(I did not know about her at the time)  He took my kindness for weekness. I worked like a mule at the shop all day to make sure I supported his dream of becoming a body builder. In fact he won second place in his first body building competition, he drained me financialy, emotionally and spirualy. Typical’s what they do.. I kept finding out more dirt, after his haircuts he would shower then take her to fancy restaurants. His family and friends all knew about it except me..he use to bang her in my SUV. At  that time I was making so much money I was bringing home all the bacon. I was the bread winner. After the break up I went from sitting on top of the world to sitting on top of the curb…I went into deep depression.

It took me 4 years to get over the trauma. There is so much juicy details about the drama too much too tell. I lost clients it affected my work I could not think straight. I was a hot mess.. One client stopped coming to me after she saw me crying out side the shop. She told me that it was not professional to cry on the job. What the hell!! I was dying!!! I got dumped three weeks before my wedding. over a whale!!!..Nothing made sense…he wanted me skinny. I tried to look like a anorexic model for him but I’m too curvy for that. I love my bacon burgers, I   thought I looked cute. Remember he’s the one who  told me the more of me the more to love…but then he dumped me for a girl who needs to buy two plane tickets because she’s so big.

Most of my GOOD understanding clients kept me alive ..they would call me, check up on me,  they let me vent forever..I prayed like a maniac my faith kept me sane…my clients were so concerned, they would make me laugh support and nurture me. I was aching so bad that when people would talk to me I could not hear them. I would see lips moving but would go into lapse of checking out. The love and support was over whelming. I ❤ my loyal clients. I cannot bring back the  clients I lost over the break up….some could not understand and weren’t willing for me to fix their hair. Can I blame them, NO. I wish they found good hair stylists that make them happy.

I know your dying to know what happened to Steve and Rasputia She dumped him..she used him the same way he did me. She became a chef and does parties for the well to do. She’s rolling in the money. Last time I saw Steve he was living in a tiny shack in his father’s backyard. He aged..and was begging me to take him back. He cried and chased me for 9 months. I couldn’t do it. I’m too dignified to look back. I want to be able to eat in peace and not have him remind me how many calories I’m eating. I finally forgave him. He must be mental to loose a chick like me;))

Funny I lost weight after I got my braces without going to the gym. I’m looking good.  Heeeeey💖👍😆👌💕



  1. katienield · November 24, 2014

    What an idiot. Better off without him! Hope your doing okay and I wish you all the best! X

    Liked by 1 person

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