Purple Rain


I did this color job last night on Monika. She is a  fashion designer. She started her own clothing line named *Demiloon*  It all started with her love for fashion, thank goodness for social media the sky it the limit. She started posting pictures of her work and it took off!! Her husband, mother and sister had to quit their jobs to help her run her growing company. I am so inspired by her. Not only is she talented she looks like a super model with a beautiful personality..what a combination👍

Back to hair:)) I bleached out the bottom of her hair with 40 volume peroxide and goldwell bleach I kepted checking her hair every 5 minutes to make sure her hair wasn’t mushy. Mushy hair is not a good thing..it’s a sign that it’s about to break off. She has strong hair. I was able to leave the bleach on for 45 min..phew👌….I got it light  enough to be able to use the manic panic colors on her. I mixed purple haze with electric amethyst. I let it sit on her hair for about 20 min…..Ta da!!! Her hair was a hit last night.

Well now I have to get back to work..don’t know if I should go eat or go get my nails done before my next client comes in…choices, choices, choices:D

Follow ❤DEMILOON❤ on Instragram check out her cute pinup clothing line.

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