My 50 followers


I have 50 followers yay!! I’m happy about that:D The question is am I being followed because of my catchy pictures  or because I’m being heard? I’m intrigued, curious to know. You see I’m not a professional writer like most of you on here. I’m a simple chick with a passion for hair and a dream of writting me dream book *Tales of the Chair.*

I ditched school most of the the time. I was a follower not a leader in highschool..I’m not a mathematician or a scholar. I’m a realist that’s learned  my way through the HARD KNOCKS of life. The older you get the wiser and sharp you become, by the time you are finally figuring life out your looks start to fade. Your knees hurt from standing on your feet for twelve hours a day. Time fly’s faster than a speeding bullet. Your more confident in your skin and you need nyquil to put you to sleep. I will keep pursuing my dream to write my *Tales of The Chair* book no matter how long it takes me❤👍

Never the less I may never know the real reasons why I’m being followed but I a we’deast I get to enter you into the world of  hairstyling.

This is beautiful Monika I did her hair last night.. We talked about marketing our businesses and getting more followers on our Instagram pages. The best part of hairstyling is the good conversations and seeing the ear to ear smiles when you make a client happy..yay!

Okay I’m sleepy and delirious. I’m tired now..I’ve been at the shop since 7:30 am this morning.. (Yawns)…I will be back later..(waves)😆:D

Thank you,thank you for following me!!!❤❤❤❤❤



  1. fromthegutwriting · November 24, 2014

    I know you’re not necessarily looking for folks to respond with their reasons for following you, but I wanted to give mine. First, I like art in so many forms, and it’s clear that what you do is an art form, and you’re incredibly talented. I’ve also lived somewhat of a strange life, and I like reading your stories and seeing your work. Also, my friends and I are all broke, so I’ve been doing kitchen haircuts and styles for seven years now… I’m not bad, but I’m certainly not a professional. Still, I like seeing what other folks are doing. And finally, I don’t believe someone has to be a “writer” to be heard… when you share your truth, some people won’t listen, but others will. And of those, some will truly hear.
    Keep it up… you’re doing a great job.

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    • talesofthechair · November 24, 2014

      Oh wow, thank you so much. How did I miss this response when did you sent it. The more kitchen haircuts you do the better you will be become. You can even go on YouTube and get a few tips from there. Post your haircut pictures…I’m curious to see them😆👍


    • talesofthechair · November 24, 2014



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