Cancer survivor


This a loyal client of mine, she is a cancer survivor. I’ve been doing her hair since she was in highschool. She is happily married with two beautiful girls. I was honered to have been invited to her wedding a few years ago.

One day she called me and asked me “are you the cry baby mushy type. I said noo..but really I am. Something told me to say no. She said I have cancer and I want you to shave my hair off. I want you to be strong and not cry. I said okay. She walked in and I took my clippers and shaved all her hair off. I kept it together and did not shed a tear. She went on with her breast surgeries and treaments. Her hair grew back really curly. Here she is a year later sporting a new haircolor I did today💕 It’s like time never passed. She’s healthy, jovial and positive like always. We are back to our normal celebrity gossip that clients and hair stylist do…(way to kill time when hair color is processing)😆

Have you seen that glazed doughnut Kardashian butt picture…hehe…


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