Love affects your art


From experience I’ve learned that when I am having issues in my romantic relationships it affects my work. I noticed clients like the hair job but they don’t seem elated’s like I get frozen and just do what it takes to get the job done but my mind and heart is in pain. You see people talking to you but you can’t hear what they are saying. All you see is lips moving, its like your watching a movie on mute. Your on auto. When things are going well in the relationship the hair comes out better. Even better when I’m single. I don’t have the stress of why hasn’t he called, I better get home fast so he doesn’t get mad..I have the freedom to let my creative juices flow without interruptions of trying to keep someone else happy.

Now I’m not jadded or against love. I’m all for healthy love ..the kind of love that brings out the best in each other the kind that he wants to know what I learned at the hair show. The kind that doesn’t throw a tantrum like a three year old if I come home later than usual because I had to make sure my client’s hair is on point.

Back to  hair topic. I did this transformation yesterday. My client loved it. It was her request to try something new. She wanted a black red ombre. I did the black part a level two. I did not want to shock her with the jet black just yet. She’s coming in 5 weeks so that I can redo the color. Whenever you go from blond to dark you have to redo the sessions a few times to stain the hair shaft and make the color stay. Blond hair is porus, it fades color quickly. I recommend a color treated shampoo with no sulfate.. The brand I like is called *It’s a Ten*. Don’t use the water too hot when you shampoo colored hair and don’t rub it to hard so as not to cause breakage.

Use a big tooth comb and start untangling at the end of the hair.


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