Page 3 Tales of the Chair

I lay here wondering what can I type about, so many stories but non really sticks out today. There are so many it just becomes a big blur after a while..ummmm, oh here’s one…

One time I was attempting  another Gherri Curl at Andy’s Beauty Supply. The cops came in with guns and told us all to step outside. You see a man had robbed a woman and he ran through our store and was hidding upstairs in the wearhouse. I had *step one* on the client’s hair. Its a cream base relaxer that you use to straighten the hair before you perm it with the perm rods to get the Gherri curl look. We were out there for quite a while..I was thinking Lord I hope her hair doesn’t fall out. It was one of the longest wait ever.

After what seemed forever came to an end. The Gardena cops told us that we were able to go back inside the store. I knew for sure the relaxer was going to melt the client’s hair. To my surprise her hair was still on her head and it came out smooth.. I was able to perm it with and give her the popular *Gherri* Curl she wanted. That experience taught me to leave the relaxer on a little bit longer before I permed the hair, otherwise the hair would of came out looking like Woolly Mammoth:D✋


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