My worth


I did this yesterday its a Mahogany brown ombre. I use Paul Mitchell hair color. This client has been loyal through thick and thin.. She’s followed me to at least 5 different salons in the south bay. She’s a awsome client.

My prices are very reasonable but I am slowly making changes. You see when I walk to the supply store I see hairstylist driving around in beemers, hummers, Mercedes etc..while here I was struggling on the bus because I was having car drama for 2 years. If you tell me a sad story about how broke you are I’m like “Oh I will give you a discount don’t worry, its okay I understand. While the pricing in products and cost of living goes up I’ve been at the same price range for MANY years.

I must say I’ve been  blessed with some good discerning clients who have been giving me raises throughout the years because they know that I have a hard time raising my prices. There is a very thin line for me when it comes to me being a hairstylist and a charity case.

There is more where that comes from. I struggle with insecurity issues from being raised by a schizophrenic bipolar mother. I cringe as I type this, but its a subject that is now making waves. When I was growing up people did not really talk about mental issues. It’s a very touchy subject for me. My mother is  on medication now and is  the mother I wish I had growing up. My siblings and I survived through humor. It’s the only we could of survived.

To be continue..:D👍😆❤


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