Page 2 The Struggle is Real


Nothing much happened the first year  I came back from the east coast. I was gone for 4 months and decided to take my career much more seriously. I dabbed with Gherri Curls. What a disaster. The first time I did one I thought I did a fanstastic job. I was all HAPPYwith myself, 😆I was going to be part of the new GREASY generation not!

My mom and I pulled up to mini mart on Crenshaw, the Gherri Curl client recognized me and walked up to the window and asked “What did you do to my hair? Are are you trying to ruin my reputation? Again I did a nervous giggle and was mortified. His hair looked like Coco Puff. That did not stop me from trying again. I was a brave lil’ thing. I learned the hard way. I wasn’t under anyone’s wing..I wasn’t coached. I did not do apprentice work. The first 2 years in the salon I learned through embarrassement and sweat. The fire within did not let me give up. I did not go to Beauty College for 18 months for nothing. I wasn’t going to go back to school and learn a new career. There was no turning back.

It was a jungle out there, sometimes it makes me wonder how I kept from going under….(sound like a song)

To be continued..💕


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