My Big Fan


This is Celina, she is one of my biggest supporters and fans. She is sporting a ombre hairstyle. Ombre is the new trend. It’s a transitional hair color that starts off dark at the roots and gets lighter at the ends. The competition between hairstylist on Instagram is who does the BEST ombre without a line of demarcation. It’s not as easy as it looks. It can take up to 3 sessions to get the desired results. Pricess start between $90 and go up to $500. There are hairstylist on Instagram who are making a killing. Women are traveling from France to Studio City or anywhere else around the world in the hopes to get their hair done by Instagram famous stylists. I am new to the social media madness. I’ve been inspired and have gotten good clients from yelp, Pinterest..etc. There is more to it. You can’t just do good work. You have to take the best photo shoot pictures. All pictures are taken by me on my cell phone and if I’m fortunate enough my clients send me selfies👌

I did Celina’s hair extensions last month I sewed in a weft of hair on a tiny braid. My motto is: If you can’t grow it sew it!:)

If you like to see my work check me out on Instagram at evy90503.

Thanks for reading my blog:)


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